The Amazing Marketing Secret of Jesus and Chiropractors Who Don't Want to Worry Where Their Next Patient's Coming From


This isn’t going to be a lesson on theology,  but rather one on marketing. It is hard to disagree with the statement that Jesus did a fantastic job of marketing his philosophies. 


The mere fact that his teachings are still being taught today is a testament to (pun intended) his methods. 


How did Jesus build his following? 


He used sermons or said a different way, group selling. 


Group selling is when you have multiple people watching the same presentation at the same time.  Instead of speaking to one person 25 times, you speak to 25 people 1 time. 


Not only did Jesus use this strategy but today’s most successful chiropractors are using this model as well. 


They sell to groups from:


… stages

… Facebook lives

… Instagram stories

… group ROFs

… dinner with the Doctor

… community talks

… marketing videos


Just to name a few. 


The Group selling model is a simple 2 step method:


** 1 - Create a PRESENTATION(s) of value

** 2 - Get as many AUDIENCES as possible to watch or listen to it.  (I say watch or listen because, in today’s day and age, videos/webinars/teleseminars are a form of group selling)


And check this out: once you create a highly effective presentation of value, YOU CAN USE IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  I have a few presentations that I’ve been making money with for over 3 years. 


If you simply focus on this as your primary patient attraction system.  It’s more than possible, it’s probable you will significantly grow your practice in the next 12 months. 


It’s a low cost, low tech, easy to understand and track patient acquisition method.  


.... Gathering a group (audience) and then delivering the sermon (presentation of value) is how Jesus and his disciples built one of the biggest businesses in the world.  


And you can too. 


I’ve created tutorials and deep-dive courses on how to create, marketing and deliver Presentations of Value. 

Using the Group Selling system you only need to master a few presentations. We've created both all for you.


Presentations of Value

The only 2 presentations you need to grow a million-dollar practice.  This is the exact presentation that doctors are using to close 80% or better for the last 3 years.


How to Create Your Dinner with the Doctor Presentation

(679) Lesson 1. How to Get the Most Out of this Program

(679) Lesson 2. Introduction

(679) Lesson 3. Opening

(679) Lesson 4. Pre-frame

(679) Lesson 5. Body

(679) Lesson 6. Pre-close

(679) Lesson 7. Close


The Ultimate Patient Orientation Class

(693) Words of Advice

(693) Your Introduction

(693) 3 Ways to open your talk

(693) Preframes you need to include

(693) The Body of your talk

(693) Preclose

(693) Close


I teach you step by step how to book talks in your community. I've included scripts and the F.A.C.T.S speaker system.

getting booked 1

Booked Solid: The Art of Getting Talks – Part 1

(686) Outcomes

(686) Mindset

(686) Become the meeting organizer

(686) Decide on your business model

(686) You’re one presentation away from a million dollar practice

(686) Build it and Credibility Assets

(686) Organizing your follow up system

(686) Implementation steps 1-2

(686) Implementation step 3

(686) Script to book corporate talks

(686) Script to book churches

(686) Cold calling script (if you like that)

(686) Elements of a speaker website

(686) Position Statement

Part 2
The F.A.C.T.S Speaker System

(688) (A) Approach the Decision Maker

(688) (C) Conversation to Close

(688) (T) Talks

(688) (S) Sell. Sell Again and Serve

Basic CRM Training

(688) Lesson 1. Why Use a CRM

(688) Lesson 2. Templates

(688) Lesson 3. Integrating with Personal Videos

(688) Lesson 4. Notes

(688) Lesson 5. Deals

Bonus Material

Step by step on how to create a speaker's website for little or no cost.


How to Create a Speaker Website for Free (or very cheap)

(667) Lesson 1. – Speaker’s website – Introduction

(667) Lesson 2. – Creating your account

(667) Lesson 3. – Choosing your theme

(667) Lesson 4. – Navigation Menus

(667) Lesson 5. – Creating pages

(667) Lesson 6. – More pages