One year access to our Chiro Speaking Club [Value: $2388]

31 Courses as of today:

  1. Stories that Sell Vol.1
  2. Stories that Sell Vol. 2
  3. Story Hack: The Process to Transform a Story into Your Best Closing
  4. The Charisma Edge: How to Make Your Video, Talks, and Conversations More Persuasive
  5. Storytelling Unleashed: Influence Your Audience Ethically, Quickly & Profitably With The Swiss Army Knife Story
  6. The Transformational Talk: A Process to Create Lasting Change
  7. How to use the rule of 3 to make your presentations, videos, and webinars more persuasive, profitable and powerful
  8. Your Passport To YES! How To Create A High-Converting Talk In One Hour or Less
  9. How to Use the Power of Pause to Increase your Influence
  10. Identity 2.0 – The Psychological Switch That Will Catapult Your Influence, Impact & Income
  11. Mic-Droppers: How To Create Lines That WOW And Win The Crowd – Volume 1
  12. The Ultimate Patient Orientation Class
  13. Online Surveys – How to use them to maximize your talks and practice
  14. Getting Talks – Part 1
  15. Getting Talks – Part 2
  16. How to Find, Structure and Deliver Your Chiro Story to Increase Conversions During Talks
  17. How To Close A Chiro Or Wellness Talk Like A Champion
  18. How to Create Your Dinner with the Doctor Presentation
  19. 30 day Facebook Live Video Challenge
  20. The Ultimate Stress Talk
  21. How to do a Prep Talk
  22. Objection Obliteration Techniques For Group Presentations – Volume 1 (No Money)
  23. Objection Obliteration Techniques For Group Presentations – Volume 2 (No Time)
  24. How to Create a Speaker Website for Free (or very cheap)
  25. Patient Stories: How to Capture, Craft and Use
  26. Beyond Confidence: Transforming speech anxiety into influence, income, and impact.
  27. Done for You talk: How to Have the Best and Healthiest Year Ever
  28. Done for you talk: Posture (Ergonomics)
  29. The Psychology of Engagement
  30. Video Marketing Foundation
  31. Magnetic Openings
  • Every Video Course is between 45 - 70 Minute
  • Every Video Course has PDF's and implementation tips
  • In addition, you have access to 12 future monthly pieces of training.

If you joined monthly for a year, you’d pay $2,388.

4 - CSC classes


4 (quarterly) X 15 minutes accountability calls with me [Value: $600]

Each quarter you will have a 15-minute coaching call with me to go over your speaking goals, remove any barriers you may have, clarify any questions you may have about our trainings and set new outcomes. After coaching as many chiropractors as I have, I can get you on track well within 15 mins. My current rate is $600/hour.

2-4 coaching calls w_RobertoMonaco


Guarantee to review one of your talks you are doing in 2020 [Value: $3000]

During the year, I will personally critique EVERY SECOND of one of your talks (up to 60 mins). It can be your money-making Dinner with the Doctor presentation, or Report of Findings or even a Radio Show/ Podcast your doing. I will watch every second, and give feedback on the delivery, the persuasion tactics and most importantly, on the structure and how you can improve it. If you improve your talk just minimally, the rewards are more patients for life. My current presentation critique price is $3000.

NOTE: it must be a live (real) talk and you will give us permission to put your talk inside our Chiro Speaking Club for our members to see.

3 - PresentationReview


Access to the # 1 public speaking and presentation coach for Chiros in the world

[Value: $16,000]

You will have direct access to me for 1 year via our private Facebook group. You can post ANY question and I will personally record a VIDEO answering your question. This is one of the coolest benefits of being a part of our community



One review of one of your marketing pieces [Value: $1800]

A lot of chiropractors struggle with their marketing. When you purchase our Cyber Monday package you can have myself or my business partner (who is my marketing guy) review one of your marketing pieces such as a webpage, email or overall strategy. This service is charged at a rate of $1800 per review.

5 - marketing review


Annual Chiro Speaking Club 2-day mastermind [Value: $497]

Come join me and a small group of chiropractors and work on growing your practice for 2 days. The mastermind will be with other Chiros that are using group presentations to grow their practices. We’ll mastermind all aspects of your business: Marketing, strategy, presentations. Following our Mastermind process, we developed years ago, you’re sure to get the results you’re after in your practice. We will be selling tickets for this event for $497.

6 - mastermind


Talks database [Value: $2,997]

Access to over 23 live chiropractic and health talks that Doctors are using to grow their practices in their community. It includes dinner with the doctor program, group doctors reports, patient orientation classes, stress talk and much more.



One Influencing From the Front ticket (you or someone else can use) [Value: $1397]

This is our flagship, group presentation workshop. It’s 3 days packed full of inside information you can use to convert more prospects to patients. This ticket sells right now for $1397 on our website.

2020 Dates

02/28 - 03/01 - Atlanta, Ga
05/15 - 05/17 - Atlanta, Ga
10/09 - 10/11 - Atlanta, Ga

If purchased individually, all the above products and services would run you approximately $28,697.00 REAL DOLLARS.

This number isn’t some imaginary, random number.

This is what it would cost to buy each of the above a la carte.

But, during our cyber sale, all of this can be yours for 1 payment of $1797.00… or 3 easy payments of $697.

That’s less than one new patient.

If you invest the $1797 and take advantage of all it has to offer and can’t contribute at least 10X your money…. I demand you ask for a refund.

To your best year yet!

Roberto Monaco

(LIMITED TO 30!!!)


Sleep at night knowing that we offer a 100%, no questions asked, immediate refund if you don’t believe you received 100X the value you paid.  I insist on it.  Simply send a request to our support and the refund will be immediate..

Case study: Dr. Chelsea Rainey, Greenville, SC

She told me she was petrified to speak. When I say petrified, I mean petrified. She stood up in front of the class shaking. I hugged her and started working with her. I took her through the process I do during the Influencing from the Event event to obliviate fear...

On her first talk after going through this process, she spoke for 9 people in the state department and closed 13!!! Now, she does around 30 lunch and learns a year in her community and her practice is booming!


Case study: Dr. Ryan Hummel, San Diego, CA

Everybody knows the things they love to do and the things they hate to do. For Dr. Ryan Hummel, public speaking was on his hate list. I started helping him, and he literally had a transformation during a speaking event (his identity expanded, you will learn more about this strategy during the training). Now he does around 35 speaking events per year in San Diego and he loves to share the message.


Case Study: Ashley Duggins

She was terrified to speak… to the point, she was going to drop out of college because she did not take the speech class (and all other classes that she was required to do a presentation).

Her father hired me hoping I could just help her ‘survive’ college. After working with her just 3 times, using the same techniques I’m sharing with you in Beyond Confidence: Transforming speech anxiety into influence, income, and impact (found in the trainings), not only did she survive, she thrived.  She got an A in her speech class, but better yet. She graduated from college and she became a nurse.

  • Make more money

  • Feel proud that you faced and overcame your fears

  • Help the chiropractic mission by being able to spread the TRUTH

  • Enjoy Speaking

  • Close more during talks because you will not be afraid to close

  • Increase both confidence AND charisma in front of the camera

  • Have the confidence to create your own talks and share your stories

  • Dramatically reduce the stress (anxiety, the suffering) before the talks

  • Learn how to go into an unstoppable (peak) state at will, anytime, anywhere

  • Have a system to help your team members speak with confidence as well