"Why 90% of ALL Chiropractors
Are Doomed to FAIL"

...  And Why The Profession Whose Sole Existence is to Eradicate Our Nation's Health Epidemic, Is Facing Their Own Epidemic...

If you’re a chiropractor that has a desire to change thousands of lives and make a small fortune, then read every word of this letter because I’m going to share with you exactly how to do it and reveal what keeps 90% of all Chiropractors from reaching the kind of success they deserve.

I recently read a report that claimed that even though the Chinese score significantly higher on standardized tests than most Americans they are facing a huge cultural epidemic in their country.

How the school system is set up in China is if you don’t rank in the upper threshold of a country with billions of people, you simply don’t get to go to college.

And if you’re from a small, poor town (which is 90% of the country), this means you and your family have little hope for a bright future.

So for the great majority of population, getting accepted into college, literally is a life and death situation.

With millions of people competing for the same spots the bar for entrance rises each year. For the last decade the amount of information required to know to actually have a ‘chance’ has risen to a level that it’s impossible to learn it.

They must simply memorize it. There’s no time to actually understand it.

This has created a cultural epidemic because research has shown that the Chinese population is actually losing their creative ability.

Which said another way... they can't THINK for themselves.

That’s why virtually zero innovation comes out of china. Just knock offs and mass manufacturing of the same thing.

And the newly graduated workforce are like computer zombies rattling off memorized bits of information.

But China is not the only place this happening.

The Chiro Epidemic

It’s happening right now in your Chiropractic Industry too. And it’s the reason 90% of the Doctors in your profession won’t achieve the level of success they desire.

Let me explain:

There are “Gurus” that are selling pre-made presentations and scripts and telling you to memorize it and do it just like they do it.

And then what happens is... one Chiropractor shares it with another and then another with another (because that’s the nature of this industry) and pretty soon you have everybody saying and doing the same thing.

The problem with these ‘done for you’ programs is, over time, you start to lose your creativity, your ability to think out of the box and innovate.

And the reason that's a problem is...

Communication doesn’t work like that.

It’s not static.

It’s dynamic.

And if you don’t truly understand this, it’s the death of your business.

Your ability to communicate effectively in the Chiropractic industry is the cornerstone to your success because it’s everywhere, it’s everything.

It’s in your:

  • Dinner with the Doctor
  • Report of Findings
  • Stress talk
  • Nutrition talk
  • Wellness talk
  • Weight loss talk
  • Detox talk
  • Patient orientation classes
  • Ergonomic talks
  • Videos for marketing
  • Facebook LIVE videos
  • Health Radio shows
  • Diabetes talks
  • Neuropathy talks
  • Inspiring your team
  • What you say to yourself

It’s literally intertwined in every aspect of your business. And it’s always changing. So when you memorize a canned presentation, you’re limiting your ability to change as the communication changes.

Which means you're not helping as many people as you could and you're not making as much money as you deserve.

We have had the opportunity to coach and train some of the biggest earners and influencer’s in the Chiropractic industry and each and everyone of them without exception understood this truism (that’s why they hired us) and used Speaking (1 to many communication) in all it's all it's forms, to reach the level of success they enjoy today.

The Answer

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about our Chiro Speaking Club.

It’s the exact opposite of everything you’ve been taught before. Instead of telling you to memorize a bunch of scripts and to regurgitate someone else’s words, we are going to teach you how to create and develop your own, unique messages.

No more canned presentations.

The Chiro Speaker’s Club was designed to give you freedom and flexibility by actually teaching you the HOW and the WHY of persuasive communications so you aren’t constrained by someone else’s words and thoughts.

I hate to sound cliche but you've heard the tired old saying: "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

It's true. And now is your chance to learn how to become a master of persuasive communication

Here is how this BREAKTHROUGH club will work:


The 1st Monday of every month we will release a brand new Chiro specific training. This training will be pre-recorded so you can access this content at your convenience. The trainings will include topics like, dinner with the Dr, group Dr's reports, stress talks, nutrition talks, getting speaking gigs, closing, etc...



How to Find, Structure and Deliver Your Chiro Story to Increase Conversions During TalksDuration
Why, When and Where to Tell Your Story19:07
The Structure of Your Story and the 4 Chiro Themes28:08
Advanced Strategies18:48
How To Close A Chiro Or Wellness Talk Like A ChampionDuration
Why do most presenters suck at closing?12:58
13 closing mistakes presenters make20:48
Closing psychology15:16
Pre-close, close and post-close30:19
Secondary closing, developing & rehearsing your close11:22
How to Create Your Dinner with the Doctor PresentationDuration
How to Get the Most Out of this Program03:47
30 day Facebook Live Video ChallengeDuration
Overview: The 30 day Facebook Live Video Challenge09:15
35 Content Strategies for Your Videos26:33
Implementation Steps06:05
The Ultimate Stress TalkDuration
Opening and Pre-frames14:45
Preclose & Close09:59
How to do a Prep TalkDuration
The prep talk and pre-prep talk strategies11:31
The anatomy of a prep talk20:18
Post prep talk strategies02:36
Objection Obliteration Techniques For Group Presentations – Volume 1 (No Money)Duration
Course introduction and the structure of an objection17:40
Course introduction and the structure of an objection18:40
Language patterns – part 217:31
Objection Obliteration Techniques For Group Presentations - Volume 2 (No Time)Duration
Course introduction and the structure of an objection19:10
Language patterns - part 1 10:19
Language patterns – part 215:58
Identity 2.0 - The Psychological Switch That Will Catapult Your Influence, Impact & IncomeDuration
Module 1 33:48
Module 212:23


The 2nd Tuesday of every month the training will be focused on presentation reviews. A selected member will have an opportunity to submit a video for Roberto to provide feedback on his or her talk. This prerecorded review will be available to all members. You will also be able to submit critiques of the talk which will benefit the entire community (a 1 on 1 review with Roberto is usually $4000 so this is a HUGE value for all members)!



The 3rd Wednesday of every month is the only live call of the three trainings. This call will be coaching format where members can submit questions they would like answered prior to the call, or join us live. If you cannot join the live call, we will record this coaching session as well and you will have access to it via your Chiro Speaking Club portal.


This came in as I'm writing this letter:

Brian F.: We did book 100% from the dinner!

Roberto: That is awesome!!!!!!

Man...how do we improve from 100%???? LOL

These types of messages from clients and students are not rare, in fact, they are quite common.

What would you be willing to invest to learn how to enroll 90 - 100% of the new prospects that attend your talks?

Our private coaching clients gladly pay over $20,000 a year to have to have this kind of training and feedback.

But for the first 100 “Founding Members” you're not going to pay anything near that.

When decide to be one of the first 100 chiropractor's to join, you won't pay $10,000/year (which would be a really great value), you won't even pay $5000/year.

Today when you join for a year's access you will receive the founding member's price of just $199/mo.


  • In addition to the above you will also get access to our private Facebook group where you can hang out and interact with other chiropractor's that are serious about their communication skills.
  • Also receive access to Influence Academy when you are sign up as a Founding Member. Here you will find many training courses about story selling, psychology, marketing, structures and much more.

Mind Blown Money Back Guarantee

Like all of our products, if your mind isn't blown by the stuff we teach simple email us anytime before your 2nd billing and we will refund 100% of your investment.  We also have a 1 Click Cancel Button in the member's portal should you ever decide you'd like to stop your membership.  Zero hassles.

“I signed up for your Chiro Speaking Club a couple weeks ago and I've got to tell you in my humble opinion (I've been a Chiropractor for 20 years) you are the best thing to happen to Chiropractic since I've been in the profession and I'd even say probably since BJ. I've been doing group and Dr's reports for 18 years and I've always had somewhere between 70-80% close rate consistently. WhatI've noticed since implementing your principles (I haven't even gone through all the training's I've only implemented some of the things) I've closed 100% in my last 3 Dr's reports! Keep up the good work, I know you put in a lot of work and I want you to know its really appreciated. I don't know how many members you have right now but I think every Chiropractor who wants to improve their practice and improve the lives of people, they really need to be coached by you and this Chiro Speaking Club is just awesome!”

Dr. Tony Deutcher

Speak Soon. (Seriously, You Should!)
Jeff Paro & Roberto Monaco

Frequently asked Question:

Q: What's the difference between your seminar IFF (Influencing from the Front) and the Chiro Speaking Club?

A: Both the IFF and the CSC have one goal: To help you become an amazing and persuasive speaker so you can attract and retain even more patients to chiropractic.

They are a little bit different in...

The IFF is 30-hour immersion, lots of exercises, coaching, high-impact and high-energy,  life-changing, but in the end of the day, we just have 30 hours (so we have a limit on the amount of content we can cover). We work on your personal story, you have a chance to speak at the end of the class, etc. You will connect with other doctors, it is truly awesome!

The Chiro Speaking Club covers everything in the spectrum of persuasive speaking for chiros and you have access to video recordings of of doctors speaking,  live Q&A, etc.

Because we release a brand new training per month, we can go deeper with that training, take our time, etc, you can watch the training until you own the material.  It is a resource that is there for you!  It is truly life-changing as well.

We recorded the day 1 and day 2 of our IFF last year (we removed the part where we coach people and do exercises) and we uploaded to the club site as well.  There is no manual to accompany it though.